Sell Bulgur wholesale

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Date of creation of the offer:15.02.2023
Offer validity date:15.02.2024
Country of Seller:Estonia Estonia
Product volume:20 t
Price per item:1 EUR
Terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS:EXW


  • Bulgur 4x100g Bulgur is made from durum wheat, de-weeded, steamed, then dried and ground into small pieces. In the East, bulgur is especially loved and used as a full-fledged substitute for rice - pilaf is made from it, cakes are baked, thick tomato soups are cooked, fillings for pies and salads are made. Bulgur is useful because it contains coarse fiber. Fiber expands in the intestines and helps to remove all stagnant poisons, toxins and pathogenic bacteria from the body. This is an invaluable help in losing weight and cleansing the body, in addition, fiber gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. If you want to become more beautiful, be sure to add bulgur to your menu.
  • Net: 4 x 100 g
  • Quantity per box: 14 pc
  • Qty on a layer: 126 pc
  • Quantity per pallet: 882 pc
  • EAH barcode: 4742298000503

WorldLine OÜ is an enterprise based on 100% Estonian capital.
Wordline is an Estonian company that was founded already in 1997. In our first years we delivered groats to di&erent food producers and packagers. Six years later we started packaging, for which we bought a high-quality packaging machine. In the same year we introduced our brand ***** which has easily found its way to consumers.

Today we provide for both HoReCa and di&erent food producers in Estonia and other countries. Additionally, our clients include different local, Finnish and Latvian supermarkets. To this day our main operation is still import, export and packaging of groats. We are also thinking about the sweet tooths among us by offering different muffins, cakes and other treats.

In 2018 we bought a fully automatic packaging line which helps us offer more modern packages that also use less materials. It is part of our more eco-friendly approach that is supported by our cooperation with the recycling company TVO. With them, we recycle packages at least five times. We want to hold our community, workers and, most importantly, the nature around us so that it will keep holding us as well.