Ovens for roasting nuts, seeds

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Date of creation of the offer:06.09.2021
Offer validity date:06.09.2021
Country of Seller:Turkey Turkey
Product volume:1 40 ft. Container
Price per item:15 USD
Terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS:FOB

The R-450 oven is designed for hot air frying. There are 4 chambers in the oven: two roasting chambers, a ripening chamber and a forced cooling chamber. Roasting chambers have a distinctive feature - you can set the temperature of each block individually, thereby ensuring uniform frying of products.

Nuts and seeds are roasted and enter the ripening chamber. Thanks to this chamber, the seeds are juicy and fragrant. Then they enter the forced cooling chamber. As a result, products from the oven come out ripe, chilled, and, most importantly, very tasty.

Fuel type: gas (natural and liquefied), diesel, electricity. All equipment, including wire mesh tape, is made of stainless steel. You can adjust the speed of the belt and the thickness of the product to be fried.


frying oven
salting machine
vibrating sieve
Conveyor Z shaped
PVC conveyor.
Productivity: 200 - 250 kg/h

Dimensions: 5200x2260x2450