Heat-treated granite tile Sell wholesale and for export

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Date of creation of the offer:30.04.2022
Offer validity date:02.05.2023
Country of Seller:Ukraine Ukraine
Product volume:20 t
Price per item:1 USD
Terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS:EXW

Heat-treated granite tiles Leznikovskoe buy in bulk throughout Ukraine and for export from the manufacturer

Categories: granite tiles / natural stone tiles / Leznikovskoe granite tiles / Leznikovskoe granite tiles heat-treated.

Material: Leznikovskoe granite Thickness - 30 mm Standard length and width of tiles (mm): 300x300,400x400,300x500,300x600,1200x600,1600x600.

Form of payment: negotiated For regular customers accumulative system of discounts is applied. Granite products can be made from the rocks of any deposit in Ukraine. When manufacturing parts according to non-standard sizes (customer sizes), prices increase from 10 - 20%.

Delivery terms: EXW

Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Color: Red
Water absorption: 0.18%
Volumetric weight: 2650 kg/cu.m.
Abrasion: 0.24 g/sq.cm.
Natural radiation class: 1 Class
Compressive strength: 135-260 MPa
We produce products from granite:

  • granite curb
  • polished granite tiles
  • Heat Treated Granite Tile
  • Slabs
  • Semi-slabs

Color range of granite: Gray shades:

  • Zhezhelevsky.
  • Pokostovskoe.
  • Korninskoye.

Red shades:

  • Kapustinskoe.
  • Zhadkovskoe.
  • Leznikovskoe.

Green shades:

  • Gabbro.
  • Maslavskoye.
  • Vasilevskoe.