Sell Paints, Varnishes, Mastics, Anti-corrosion mastics, Materials for filtering equipment, Compounds for filling cable joints, Putties, Plasters, Windshield washer fluids, Plastic masses, Means for protecting metal and wood from corrosion

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Date of creation of the offer:30.03.2023
Offer validity date:30.03.2024
Country of Seller:Ukraine Ukraine
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The company manufactures and offers consumers more than 40 types of products: pentaphthalic, polyurethane, acrylic and acrylate paints and enamels - 2024 colors and shades, parquet varnishes, drying oils, agents for removing old paint and varnish surfaces and wood bioprotection.
Manufactured products
  • Enamels, Mastics, Paints, Varnishes, Primers, Putties, Liquids and concentrates, Wood finishing and protection,
  • Solvents for wooden, metal and other surfaces, which are used both in atmospheric conditions and indoors, successfully protect the surface from moisture, frost and give it a highly aesthetic appearance.
Rust converters:
  • Enamel rust converter EPF-103
  • Rust converter "ECOSECURITY"
  • Primer automobile anticorrosive "Soil-protection" (for rust)
  • Enamels, Mastics, Primers, Putties, Liquids and concentrates, Autopreservatives
  • Solvents for road, agricultural and rail transport

Filter cartridges:

  • Filter elements for filtering varnishes, paints, magnetic tapes and films, mineral oils, sewage, solvents, fuels and lubricants and other non-food liquids,
  • Cartridges are produced in three types (G - smooth, R - corrugated) and eight grades F-5, F-5V, F-10, F-25, F-50, F-75, ).
  • They allow reliable purification of various liquids with a specified micronage of 3 microns or more, depending on the brand of filter cartridges.
Special purpose products:
  • Enamel AK-171 for road marking (without balls) sidewalks, pavements, runways and areas at airports and other asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Enamel ХВ-518 for painting steel coatings, aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Enamel EP-574 for laying seamless self-leveling floors.
  • Enamel EP-5264A for laying seamless self-leveling floors resistant to alkalis, salts, acids.
  • Solvents type R-4, 646, RS-2 for dilution of paints and varnishes based on polyvinyl chloride chlorinated resins PSH LS and PSH LN, vinyl chloride copolymers, epoxy resins and other film-forming substances, for dilution of the following film-forming agents:
  • Primer FL-03K for priming ferrous metals, copper and titanium alloys, as well as wooden surfaces
  • Putty PF-0052 for filling irregularities and correcting defects of metal and non-metal (wood, concrete, cement and other surfaces)
  • Lacquer XC-76 to protect the surface from the aggressive action of chemicals, to protect food containers from the aggressive action of food products.
Wood coating systems:
  • Primers NTs-0217 + Varnish NTs-219G (glossy), NTs-0217 + Varnish NTs-219NG (semi-gloss), NTs-0217 + Varnish NTs-219M (matt), NTs-0217 + Polyurethane varnish, UR-1420 2K G (glossy)
  • Primers NTs-0217 + Polyurethane varnish UR-1420 2K M (matte), AQUADREV + Primer NTs-0217 + Varnish NTs-219G (glossy), AQUADREV + Primer NTs-0217 + Lacquer NTs-219NG (semi-gloss)
  • Primers "AQUADREV" + Primer NTs-0217 + Varnish NTs-219M (matte), "AKVADREV" + Primer NTs-0217 + Polyurethane varnish, UR-1420 2K G (glossy)
  • Primers "AKVADREV" + Primer NTs-0217 + Polyurethane varnish, UR-1420 2K NG (semi-gloss), "AKVADREV" + Primer NTs-0217 + Polyurethane varnish, UR-1420 2K M (matte)
  • Lacquer polyurethane matte UR - 1420 2 K M (matte) for processing and application to wooden surfaces.

In recent years, 15 new products have been mastered

  • Primer for the treatment and protection of concrete, cement, brick, plasterboard, plaster surfaces and for natural stone.
  • Anticorrosion mastic "VITAUTO". Enamel-rust converter, which not only provides getting rid of corrosion, but, at the same time, acquires the properties of a primer and enamel; very fast drying and withstanding much greater loads for a long time; environmentally friendly water-based mastic for vehicles
  • One-component varnish "Standard of quality" with a high rigidity of the protective film and appropriate gloss, specially designed for office premises,
  • Water frost-resistant glue for external and internal works;
  • The operating fluid of Thermoplus heating systems, which does not freeze in the system when the heating boiler is connected.
The experimental laboratory and pilot production are equipped with the best equipment:
  • horizontal bead mills of well-known firms in Switzerland and Germany;
  • dissolvers manufactured in Belgium and Denmark;
  • laboratory instruments and utensils from the USA, France, Finland and the Netherlands;
  • packaging equipment of Polish, Hungarian and Ukrainian production.


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